The Gravimetric Quantum Field Disruptor built by Ecktrol Manufacturing Co. in Ohio, USA. The “Model A” was only produced from September of 1948 to April of 1949 before it was recalled due to a dangerous fault within the induction stabilizer coils. All known examples of the Model A were dismantled. In June of 1949 the GQFD was re-issued as the “Model B.”

Ecktrol Manufacturing was one of only a handful of companies with clearance to produce ray-based devices after the world-wide treaty of 1929 that halted the production of weaponized field manipulators.

Officially these new devices, designated “class 2” were built for “scientific research and industrial applications.” Due to some rather glaring loopholes in the WFM Treaty, however, it became a simple matter of applying for a special RBD (ray-based device) permit, allowing for even members of the general public (provided they had deep enough pockets) to own one. Because of the expense of purchasing and maintaining an RBD, they were often bought by small groups and enthusiast clubs that proliferated across North America and Europe.

The 1970’s brought new regulations and tightening of restrictions, essentially ending legal access to functioning RBDs for private citizens and organizations.

Clipping from Poston Chronicle (Poston, Ariz.), January 15, 1943
Parts list for the EM-GQFD
3D rendered turntable video.