A “Smash” Hit

This Ray Gun almost didn’t get made. The first attempt had a smaller glass dome that turned very cloudy inside as the epoxy I used to secure it off-gassed inside. It was very difficult to get the dome off, but after a long and frustrating struggle I did managed to remove and clean the glass.

Then I dropped it and the dome was broken. I was tempted to give up on the piece, but soon I found another glass dome that was a few inches longer. I rebuilt the emitter assembly to better fit the longer glass and this time I used a different epoxy that I tested under glass first. In the end it turned out better than the original design. I built a simple wooden stand and the piece sold almost immediately. I’m glad I stuck with it!

Ray gun with wooden stand.
Pew pew!
Back View
Back/top view.
Earlier version of Ray Gun before the glass was broken.
The ill-fated first version.