TS-8445 at ARTsPLACE Gallery

To The Moon and Back will be showing from June 23 to July 21, 2019, at ARTsPLACE in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. This is a group show featuring myself along with artists Rhonda Barret, Ted Lind, Geoff Butler, Don Pentz, Rion Microys, Martha Little, Sharon Kennedy, Bonnie Baker, Ray Mackie, Julia Redgrave, Lauren Soloy, Eva McCauley, Amy Rubin Flett, and Sally O’Grady. There will also be space memorabilia on display.

I’ll be showing a few pieces along with a new found object ray gun, TS-8445, a.k.a “SIOUX”. This piece was a long time in the making, but I finally found the right parts to finish it. I was especially surprised how quickly I found parts to make the perfect disply stand for this piece!

Update: This piece sold at the show opening.

3D render wit boring textures.


Not every piece is a hit or finds a home. This was the (perhaps predictable) case with “KA-74 Stand Mounted Ray Gun Canon”. It’s not that people didn’t like it, but this thing was big and ugly and few people would have a place to put it. I built it for my first show of rockets, robots, and ray guns and never really expected it would be sold. In fact there was a tag on it that read, “No returns due to spousal disapproval.”

So what to do with a beast like this? Well, as it had so many parts that are still useful I eventually dismantled it. It’s been re-rejunkenated. Some of the parts have already been used in other creations. In truth many pieces meet this fate, but luckily most of them never left the shop.